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IDOH Ryan White Part B Program
Request for Application (RFA)

The RFA application will reference and require data and information from the following tools: 

Current HIV Services Funding in Indiana

Here you will find HIV Services Funding based on a 12 month allocation for each ZIP Region listed by subrecipient and service category.

Agency Snapshot Tool

Developed to help understand who and where current Ryan White funded agencies are serving.

Coalition Workplans

Click each Region to view their Coalition's Workplan. PENDING RELEASE FROM IDOHWill be posted when available.

ZIP Data

Click each Region to view their Coalition's Data Set.

Environmental Scan Summary Report

ZIP coalition survey focused on understanding gaps and services for those living with HIV. This includes state and non-state funded resources. 

2022 HIV Needs Assessment

Completed at the end of 2022.

Coalition Priority Funding Review

This document will be filled out by each ZIP to report on priority populations and needs. This document will be included in all final scoring."  PENDING RELEASE FROM IDOH. Will be posted when available.

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