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Environmental Scan Process

Recommended Frequency
Annual Prioritization and Planning Tool
This document allows the ZIP Coalition to capture the discussion during the environmental scan/priority setting meeting. This document accompanies the facilitator guide above and should be used to set annual priorities.
Annual Prioritization and Planning Session Facilitator Guide
A detailed guide for Leadership Teams and person(s) responsible for leading the environmental scan/priority setting meeting. Contains instructions for meeting prep, a list of materials needed, and suggested language and discussion prompts for the meeting.
Meeting Agenda Template - Annual Prioritization and Planning
This is the recommended meeting agenda for the annual environmental scan/priority setting meeting.
Process Guide
This provides an overview of the environmental scan process, as well as step-by-step instructions that should be taken prior to, during and after the environmental scan/ priority setting meeting.
2023 Environmental Scan Summary Report
A summary of 2023 Environmental Scan responses.
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