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Greg Coulter 

Living with HIV for a decade has given me profound insights into the challenges many face while living with HIV. One part of this is witnessing people's need for community. I am excited to be a ZIP IN Coach because it helps me help my community: with our shared goal of bringing more people with lived experience to the table, we are helping to build community. By guiding coalitions to include these voices, we are empowering people with lived experience. Strength rises from empowerment.

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Don George

I believe that my life experiences will provide a solid, diverse foundation of coaching, team building, and working collectively as a unit.

I have been involved in community organizing, political campaigns on all levels, and growing and mentoring community-based teams in three different states, over twenty-plus years, educating the public about safer sex, HIV, AIDS, and Hep C.

I have been HIV positive for thirty-five years this past May. During that time I have witnessed several approaches to fostering community involvement and recruiting, training, and retaining teams and leaders; Some good and others not so good.

I hope that I can share, and draw from my life experience as well as learn from others with similar backgrounds in developing an effective team to combat HIV and Hep-C here in Indiana and reach our goal of "Zero Is Possible".

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Johnny Jones

I want to be a ZIP-IN Coach because I know what it feels like to be counted out and not have a voice, and I want to be a voice for those who are afraid to stand up for themselves!

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Shelby Royster

I want to be a ZIP IN Coach because I want to empower those with lived experience, coalition leaders, and members through thought-partnership to create sustainable change. Throughout my roles in public health, DEIB , and HIV advocacy, I have deepened my passion for health equity and have learned that building culturally competent, diverse, and community-connected teams is the key to achieving better health outcomes. My goal is to bridge the gap between organizations with resources and the community in need, facilitating meaningful engagement and lasting impact.

Coach Headshots - Marcel.png

Marcel Webb

I want to be a ZIP-IN Coach because I am a person with lived experience and know some of our needs. I care about us infected and those who are at risk in becoming positive. I want to be the voice crying in the wilderness bring attention support and an end to stigma and awareness to the unaware by education. I have 7 years as a peer supporter, and 2 1/2 years as a Linkage to care coordinator and 32 years of Sobriety. As a Zip-IN Coach I will be able to partner with community stakeholders and build relationships in the community and provide education regarding HIV treatment. In the past I was able to establish an HIV ministry in the city of Buckeye, AZ, a rural community in Arizona.

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